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After traumatic spinal cord injury, functional deficits increase as axons die back from the center of the lesion and the glial scar forms. Axonal dieback occurs in two phases: an initial axon intrinsic stage that occurs over the first several hours and a secondary phase which takes place over the first few weeks after injury. Here, we examine the secondary(More)
This study was carried out to understand microbial diversity and function in the microbial enhanced oil recovery (MEOR) process and to assess the impact of MEOR treatment on the microbial community in an oil reservoir. The Illumina MiSeq-based method was used to investigate the structure and dynamics of the microbial community in a MEOR-treated block of the(More)
Q uantum bits, or qubits, form the heart of quantum-information processing schemes. Because of the quantum parallelism and entanglement that arise from the superposition of states in two-level qubit systems, researchers expect eventual quantum computers to tackle tasks, such as factoring large numbers and simulating large quantum systems, that no ordinary(More)
Pyrethroid pesticides have replaced organophosphates for many urban applications, including structural pest control, landscape maintenance, and residential home and garden use. This study was intended to determine if pyrethroids are detectable and widespread in diverse urban systems and if concentrations are high enough to cause associated aquatic toxicity.(More)
INTRODUCTION Animal studies suggest that regional anesthesia and optimal postoperative analgesia independently reduce cancer metastasis. Retrospective clinical studies suggest reductions in recurrence of several cancer types in patients receiving perioperative neuraxial analgesia. Thus, the authors determined the association between perioperative epidural(More)
Pyrethroids are the active ingredients in most insecticides available to consumers for residential use in the United States. Yet despite their dominance in the marketplace, there has been no attempt to analyze for most of these compounds in watercourses draining residential areas. Roseville, California was selected as a typical suburban development, and(More)
BACKGROUND Recombinant activated factor VII (rFVIIa) decreases requirements for allogeneic blood transfusion and chest reexploration in patients undergoing cardiac surgery. Whether rFVIIa increases the risk of postoperative adverse events is unclear. We tested whether rFVIIa administration was associated with increased mortality and neurologic and renal(More)
We investigate the quantum dynamics of a Cooper-pair box with a superconducting loop in the presence of a nonclassical microwave field. We demonstrate the existence of Rabi oscillations for both single-and multi-photon processes and, moreover, we propose a new quantum computing scheme (including one-bit and conditional two-bit gates) based on Josephson(More)
We propose a tunable on-chip micromaser using a superconducting quantum circuit ͑SQC͒. By taking advantage of externally controllable state transitions, a state population inversion can be achieved and preserved for the two working levels of the SQC and, when needed, the SQC can generate a single photon. We can regularly repeat these processes in each cycle(More)