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As a result of their good performance in practice and their desirable analytical properties, Gaussian process regression models are becoming increasingly of interest in statistics, engineering and other fields. However, two major problems arise when the model is applied to a large data-set with repeated measurements. One stems from the systematic(More)
A Gaussian process functional regression model is proposed for the analysis of batch data. Covariance structure and mean structure are considered simultaneously, with the covariance structure modeled by a Gaussian process regression model and the mean structure modeled by a functional regression model. The model allows the inclusion of covariates in both(More)
Shi et al. (2006) proposed a Gaussian process functional regression (GPFR) model to model functional response curves with a set of functional covariates. Two main problems are addressed by this method: modelling nonlinear and nonparametric regression relationship and modelling covariance structure and mean structure simultaneously. The method gives very(More)
Patient-specific finite element models of the implanted proximal femur can be built from pre-operative computed tomography scans and post-operative X-rays. However, estimating three-dimensional positioning from two-dimensional radiographs introduces uncertainty in the implant position. Further, accurately measuring the thin cement mantle and the degree of(More)
We propose a new semiparametric model for functional regression analysis, combining a parametric mixed-effects model with a nonparametric Gaussian process regression model, namely a mixed-effects Gaussian process functional regression model. The parametric component can provide explanatory information between the response and the covariates, whereas the(More)
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