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— We determine, for both countable and uncountable collections of functions, information-theoretic conditions on a penalty pen(f) such that the optimizerˆf of the penalized log likelihood criterion log 1/likelihood(f)+pen(f) has risk not more than the index of resolvability corresponding to the accuracy of the optimizer of the expected value of the(More)
The transition between different states in manganites can be driven by various external stimuli. Controlling these transitions with light opens the possibility to investigate the microscopic path through which they evolve. We performed femtosecond (fs) transmission electron microscopy on a bi-layered manganite to study its response to ultrafast(More)
We report an in-plane optical spectroscopy study on the iron-selenide superconductor K 0.75 Fe 1.75 Se 2. The measurement revealed the development of a sharp reflectance edge below T c at frequency much smaller than the superconducting energy gap on a relatively incoherent electronic background, a phenomenon which was not seen in any other Fe-based(More)
Fish cell cultures are becoming more widely used models for investigating molecular mechanisms of physiological response to environmental challenge. In this study, we derived two immortalized Mozambique tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus) cell lines from brain (OmB) and lip epithelium (OmL), and compared them to a previously immortalized bulbus arteriosus(More)
The correlation and competition between antiferromagnetism and superconductivity are one of the most fundamental issues in high temperature superconductors. Superconductivity in high temperature cuprate superconductors arises from suppressing an antiferromagnetic (AFM) Mott insulator 1 while in iron-pnictide superconductors arises from AFM semimetals and(More)
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