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Malignant schwannomas of the oral cavity and especially inferior dental nerve tumours, are rare malignancies. Mostly arising de novo as solitary tumours, some cases have occurred in Von Recklinghausen neurofibromatosis (25% of cases) or, as in the present report, at the time of a relapse by transformation of a benign schwannoma. Long survival is only(More)
Proteolytic and sialyltransferase activities were determined in extracts of 65 human primary breast tumors, 6 lymph node metastases, 6 fibroadenomas and 27 normal tissues. Using proteins and synthetic selective substrates, we observed the presence of collagen-peptidases, plasminogen activator, cathepsin-B and cathepsin-D-like enzymes, and sialyltransferase.(More)
Hurthle cell or oxyphil cell tumours of the thyroid, which consist of large cells with eosinophilic granular cytoplasm, rich in mitochondria, have given rise to much controversy in recent years. Difficulty in histological diagnosis (benign or malignant), unexpected evolution, and the possibility of very late recurrence and metastasis occurring in cases(More)
A follicular thyroid microcarcinoma was revealed by scapular metastases. Despite treatment, other metastases were the cause of death after a course of 14 years. In the medical literature there are at least thirty-four other examples of follicular or papillary carcinoma of less than 15 mm (previously called occult) that have either given rise to blood-born(More)
Based on a retrospective study of a series of 200 thyroidectomies for benign goitre and a mean follow up period of 12 Months, the authors analysed post-operative thyroid function and correlated it with the degree of surgical excision (47 unilateral lobectomies, 91 classical subtotal bilateral lobectomies and 62 extended bilateral subtotal lobectomies).(More)
Primary cultures of cells from breast carcinomas were attempted in 74 cases. Growth was observed in 46 cases. Using immunochemical demonstration of keratin proteins (KER), epithelial membrane antigen (EMA) and carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), three morphologically distinct cell populations were characterized and described. Two cell types (E- and E'-cells)(More)
The authors report a case of malignant tumor of the thyroid in a 79 years old woman with a long standing goiter for 20 years but who did not live in endemic mountainous goiter area. The right lobe of the thyroid was surgically removed in February 1992 because increasing in size. Pathologic diagnosis was non malignant cystic lesion. Two months later, a(More)
Gradual tumor tissue devascularization during mastectomy is thought to decrease estrogen (ER) and progesterone (PgR) receptor activity. To determine whether or not hormone receptor values could be influenced by different mastectomy techniques, 62 patients with carcinoma of the breast had a Tru-cut needle (Baxter Healthcare Corporation) biopsy (premastectomy(More)