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AMP-deaminase purified from pig heart has been found to be activated by liposomes prepared from phospholipids extracted from pig heart mitochondria, microsomes and cytoplasm, as well as by intact microsomes. The activation by phospholipids occurred only in the presence of ATP and after the enzyme had been preincubated with liposomes for 30 min. Liposomes(More)
The interaction of pig heart AMP deaminase with different chemical species of phosphatidylcholine and with natural plasma membranes has been investigated. Phospholipids added to the system either as natural biological membranes (plasma membrane vesicles) or in the form of liposomes containing unsaturated phosphatidylcholine considerably enhanced AMP(More)
Liposomes made of sphingomyelin were found to inhibit both ATP-activated and non-activated AMP deaminase from pig brain, in contrast to liposomes made of egg yolk phosphatidylcholine which exhibited an activating effect on the ATP-activated enzyme, being without effect on AMP deaminase in the absence of ATP. Dioleoylphosphatidylcholine exerted a similar(More)
Phosphatidate bilayers composed of dilauroylphosphatidate, dimyristoylphosphatidate, dipalmitoylphosphatidate and dioleoylphosphatidate were prepared. Their interaction with AMP deaminase isolated from pig heart was investigated. Dioleoylphosphatidate bilayers were found to exert non-competitive inhibition on the AMP deaminase with a Ki of 15 x 10(-6) M.(More)
Adenylate deaminase (AMP deaminase, EC of a high substrate specificity was purified from pig heart by chromatography on cellulose phosphate. The enzyme shows a co-operative binding of AMP [h (Hill coefficient) 2.35, with SO.5 (half-saturating substrate concentration) 5mM]. ATP and ADP act as positive effectors, lowering h to 1.55 and SO.5 to 1 mM.(More)