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Differential Display between metastasizing and non-metastasizing human melanoma cell lines NMCL-1 and 530 led to the identification of a putative transmembrane receptor, designated as THW, which is down-regulated in the metastasizing cell line. THW is composed of 193 aa, exhibits four putative transmembrane domains and does not reveal any homology to other(More)
In order to identify genes associated with distinct stages of mammary carcinoma we have investigated the transcriptional profile of normal mammary gland epithelial cells, cell lines derived from primary tumors, from bone marrow micrometastases and from ascites fluid. mRNA's for ribosomal protein L41 and URIM (Up-Regulated In Metastasis) were consistently(More)
URIM (Up-Regulated In Metastasis) was identified as a new gene by Differential Display Technique during investigation of the transcriptional pattern of a metastasizing (NMCL-1) and a non-metastasizing (530) human melanoma cell line. The protein is encoded by 206 amino acids with an isoelectric point of 10.4. In addition, URIM displays a putative nuclear(More)
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