J. Preciado Zepeda

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98 Mexican Indians were tested for the blood properties A-B-O, A(1)-A(2), M-N, P, Rh'-Rh''-Rh(0)-rh, and Hr. Of the 98 Indians, 90.8 per cent belonged to group 0, 6.1 per cent belonged to A(1), and 3.1 per cent to group B. There were 61.2 per cent of type M, 3.1 per cent of type N, and 35.7 per cent of type MN. Of the 95 Mexican Indians tested with anti-P(More)
OBJECTIVE To mechanically control the wound environment and prevent cutaneous scar formation. APPROACH We subjected various material substrates to biomechanical testing to investigate their ability to modulate skin behavior. Combinations of elastomeric materials, adhesives, and strain applicators were evaluated to develop topical stress-shielding devices.(More)
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