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This paper deals with design and implementation of Joint Unscented Kalman filter (JUKF) and Dual Unscented Kalman filter (DUKF) for the detection and monitoring of rotor bar faults in induction motor under simulation studies. A broken rotor bar essentially leads to an increase in rotor resistance of the induction motor. The methodology used is basically(More)
Abstract Handoff is an important strategy that has to be carried out in a communication system in order to provide a stable and a highly available system. The current proposal provides an effective handoff decision making system using the process of Multi Criteria Decision Making (MCDM). Every available signal is provided weights according to their(More)
Particle filters are an alternative to approximate the Kalman filter for nonlinear problems. This paper intends to assess the potential of Particle Filter (PF) and its variants in the context of the state estimation problem of a three phase induction motor. The conventional Particle Filter (SIR-PF), and particle filters that employ importance sampling(More)
PID controllers and Model predictive controllers (MPC) are model based controllers being deployed in several process industries. Industrial processes are non linear and multivariable in nature. Hence linear controllers designed at one operating point may not give efficient control of multivariable process as it is affected by interaction between variables,(More)
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