J. Pissolato

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An alternative and simplified procedure is described to estimate the longitudinal resistances of transmission lines based on the real-time load profile. This method proposes to estimate the resistance parameters from the synchronized measurements of complex currents and complex voltages at the sending and receiving ends of transmission systems. The(More)
This paper presents a new model to represent 11. SINGLE THREE-PHASE TRANSMISSION multiphase transmission lines in transient studies, including the frequency dependence of longitudinal parameters. An application of the methodology is presented for an actual 440 kV single three-phase transmission h e where some transients results simulated in ATP are(More)
Este artigo mostra um processo alternativo de decomposição modal de linhas de transmissão trifásicas, não idealmente transpostas, que possuem um plano de simetria vertical. O processo baseia-se no uso de duas matrizes de transformação modal. Inicialmente utiliza-se a matriz de Clarke para decompor a linha em suas componentes α, β e zero. Devido ao fato de(More)
A correction procedure based on digital signal processing theory is proposed to smooth the numeric oscillations in electromagnetic transient simulation results from transmission line modeling based on an equivalent representation by lumped parameters. The proposed improvement to this well-known line representation is carried out with an Finite Impulse(More)
Modal analysis is widely approached in the classic theory of power systems modelling. This technique is also applied to model multiconductor transmission lines and their self and mutual electrical parameters. However, this methodology has some particularities and inaccuracies for specific applications, which are not clearly described in the technical(More)
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