J Pietrofesa

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FRAXE is a fragile site located at Xq27-8, which contains polymorphic triplet GCC repeats associated with a CpG island. Similar to FRAXA, expansion of the GCC repeats results in an abnormal methylation of the CpG island and is associated with a mild mental retardation syndrome (FRAXE-MR). We surveyed the GCC repeat alleles of FRAXE from 3 populations. A(More)
The risk for fragile X "gray-zone" alleles to expand appears to depend on the absence of stabilizing AGGs, which interrupt the CGG repeat region. To characterize such alleles better, we analyzed a series of 101 chromosomes with triplet repeat lengths ranging from 35 to 59 for variations in their AGG interspersion patterns. Among these, 11.9% had 3 AGGs,(More)
The apparent associations between fragile X mutations and nearby microsatellites may reflect both founder effects and microsatellite instability. To gain further insight into their relative contributions, we typed a sample of 56 unrelated control and 37 fragile X chromosomes from an eastern Finnish population for FMR1 CGG repeat lengths, AGG interspersion(More)
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