J Pierre Loebel

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The teachers who play the all-important role of enabling students to learn on clinical clerkships must balance the two essential skills of being a good role model and maintaining objectivity in order to identify students with a variety of problems. This study describes the findings of a survey that identifies both the type of the problems that most bother(More)
OBJECTIVE As part of nursing home practice reforms, OBRA-87 mandates formal psychiatric assessments (PASARR) of nursing home residents suspected of having mental disorders, a responsibility it delegates individually to states. We describe the initial year of implementation of the PASARR process in King County, Washington, and characterize the mental(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors' objective was to investigate reasons for referral of elderly nursing home residents for psychiatric consultation and the relationship of these reasons for referral to psychiatric diagnoses. METHOD They examined 197 nursing home residents consecutively referred to a consulting team in a university-affiliated mental health center.(More)
A survey of American chief residents in psychiatric training centres was carried out to assess how these training programmes gathered feedback on teacher effectiveness and programme content. The chief resident in each programme was asked to report how his or her department elicited information from their residents about course and teacher quality. Responses(More)
Psychiatry residency training programs were characterized on four dimensions in a pilot study of seven West Coast schools. Residents and faculty rated their programs on academic versus clinical, community-based versus institution-based, private versus public practice, and biological versus psychological orientation. Faculty and residents from the same(More)