J Peter Bradley

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BACKGROUND Previous studies have shown that Norwegian public health physicians do not systematically and explicitly use scientific evidence in their practice. They work in an environment that does not encourage the integration of this information in decision-making. In this study we investigate whether a theoretically grounded tailored intervention to(More)
79 male and 16 female residents in anesthesiology at six training centers took the California Psychological Inventory (CPI) and Strong Interest Inventory (SII) in Year 1 and were rated for performance two years later. Descriptively, the total sample scored highest on CPI scales for Dominance, Social Presence, and Achievement via Independence, and on SII(More)
BACKGROUND Health care undergraduate students are expected to practice evidence-based after they graduate. Previous research indicates that students face several problems with transferring evidence-based practice to real patient situations. Few studies have explored reasons for this. The aim of this study was to explore beliefs, experiences and attitudes(More)
The present research assessed the extent to which 46 officer cadets' personalities changed as a result of spending four years in a military academic institution. Four personality variables were examined, Surgency, Achievement, Conscientiousness, and Internal Control. Given the nature of the military environment and training, we hypothesized that(More)
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