J. Persensky

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A study was conducted to evaluate the use of discrete event simulation (DES) to predict human performance in a nuclear power plant control room environment. Computer simulation models of two disturbance scenarios were built using a simulation software program, Micro Saint. In parallel, data were also collected at a full-scope training simulator at the(More)
This report addresses the development of a structure for the modeling and analysis of control room teams to represent team related human errors of commission and omission in nuclear power plant accident scenarios. The structure includes the identification of unsafe actions (UAs) and error forcing contexts (EFCs) during abnormal or accident situations that(More)
The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) reviews the human factors engineering (HFE) aspects of nuclear plants. NUREG-0800 (Standard Review Plan), Chapter 18, “Human Factors Engineering,” is the principal NRC staff guidance document. Two main documents provide the review criteria to support the evaluations. The HFE Program Review Model (NUREG-0711)(More)
Human performance is a key component to the safe operation of nuclear power plants. Further, human performance is quite variable, and while some variability may be random, much of it may be attributed to factors that are difficult to assess. There is a need to identify and assess aspects of human performance that relate to plant safety and to develop(More)
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