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BACKGROUND Reproducible and accurate recognition of presence and severity of ataxia in horses with neurologic disease is important when establishing a diagnosis, assessing response to treatment, and making recommendations that might influence rider safety or a decision for euthanasia. OBJECTIVES To determine the reproducibility and validity of the gait(More)
AIMS With concern surrounding the environmental impact of chemical tracers on the aquatic environment, this paper presents the initial evaluation of biotracers used to determine the effluent retention time, an important performance indicator, in a Free Water Surface Constructed Wetland. METHODS AND RESULTS Production of the biotracers, coliphage MS2, and(More)
Effluent retention in a constructed wetland was determined using both microbial and chemical tracers. Seasonal variation in effluent retention was the main focus of the study. The biotracers used in the study were the coliphage MS2, a bacteriophage of Enterobacter cloacae and antibiotic resistant endospores of Bacillus globigii. Two separate tracer runs(More)
We have employed both combinatorial composition spread and conventional single composition approaches to determine the relative roles of metals and oxygen stoichiometries on the opto-electronic properties of amorphous In-Zn-O (a-IZO) thin film transparent conductors. Two major results were found. First, that the optimization of conductivity in a-IZO is a(More)
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