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The Pantanal Mato-grossense is an extensive floodplain system located in the center of South America with important macrophytic primary producers. This study describes the dynamics of net primary production and the biomass of the aquatic macrophyte Pontederia lanceolata, the dominant species in some floodplain fields near Poconé. Productivity was determined(More)
BACKGROUND Organ transplant recipients with refractory rejection or intolerance to the prescribed immunosuppressant may respond to rescue therapy with tacrolimus. We sought to evaluate the clinical outcomes of children undergoing heart transplantation who required conversion from a cyclosporine-based, steroid-free therapy to a tacrolimus-based regimen. (More)
BACKGROUND Heart transplantation is a treatment option for children as well as for adults with congenital heart disease. OBJECTIVE To report the experience of a tertiary center with heart transplant program in pediatric population and in adults with congenital heart disease. PATIENTS AND METHODS The study consisted of the evaluation of pediatric as well(More)
Results Besides the anomalous pulmonary venous connection to the superior vena cava, 5 (56%) patients also presented an ostium secundum or patent foramen ovale atrial defect and 2 (22%) presented persistent left superior vena cava. One patient presented Turner Syndrome. Before surgery, 3 (33%) patients presented some form of conduction disorder: two right(More)
Results Mean age at surgery was 11.7 ± 10.4 (min = 0.8, max = 32.9) months. Diagnoses were isolated congenital valvopathy (38%), atrioventricular septal defect (AVSD) (31%), common arterial trunk (19%) and tetralogy of Fallot (12%). Nine (50%) of the prostheses were located in mitral, 4 (22%) in aortic, 2 (11%) in pulmonary and 3 (17%) in truncal position.(More)
Methods A basic six-hour theoretical course on ECMO was taught to a heterogeneous audience formed by 12 medical students, 10 nurses, 4 perfusionists and 4 physicians. Content included the following topics: 1) concept of ECMO; 2) usage scenarios; 3) aspects of the circuit; 4) differences between pulmonary and cardiac ECMO; 5) management of patients on ECMO;(More)
Results The mean age at transplantation was 5.9 years (min=12 days, max=18 years). The preoperative diagnosis was cardiomyopathy in 79% and congenital heart disease in 21%. The surgical technique for all cases was orthotopic transplantation, having been used the biatrial method until 1996 and, since then, the bicaval method. There were four(More)
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