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On farm conservation of crop diversity entails policy challenges, especially when the diversity of crops maintained on farms has both inter-specific (among crops) and infraspecific (within a crop) components. Survey data is used to compare the determinants of interand infra-specific diversity on household farms in the highlands of northern Ethiopia.(More)
The Jackson-Rees modification of Ayre's T-piece was examined experimentally and theoretically to see what effects the theoretical restrictions of Onchi, Hayashi and Ueyama (1957) (1:1 I:E ratio, zero deadspace volume) and the square-wave approximation of Mapleson (1958) may have had on the calculated critical fresh-gas flow rate necessary to prevent(More)
OBJECTIVES The authors assess the effects of an educational intervention on the attitudes and understanding of psychiatric residents and journalism students, review how collaboration between these disciplines affects these attitudes, and propose the development of similar programs within residency to enhance systems-based learning. METHODS A collaborative(More)