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Random Telegraph Signal (RTS) noise was measured in submicron MOSFETs under various biasing conditions from sub threshold to inversion region and dependence of amplitude and mean time of capture and emission on electric field and electron concentration analyzed. Numerical model of charge carrier transport in the channel was used to estimate trap position(More)
The problem of diminishing the pulsating torques in high power induction motor drives are investigated. This paper describes analysis and numerical results of MMF in three and six phase AC machines supplying by sinusoidal and nonsinusoidal currents. Analysis of six phase machines are for different angle between three phase stator windings and different time(More)
The paper presents a model for RTS noise in submicron MOSFETs which can explain some of complex switching phenomena being measured in nanoscale devices. A modified two-step approach is proposed. The charge carrier quantum transitions represent a primary process X(t), which involves two or three quantum states. The measurable quantity is the current(More)
This paper presents temperature measurement of electron density for electronic components. Our department has a cryogenic laboratory for measurement at the different temperature from 10 to 500 K. We perform experiments and calculations VA (volt-ampere) characteristics and RTS (Random Telegraph Signal) noise for submicron technology with a channel length(More)
The rate of arsenic contamination in sea-fish is, in comparison with freshwater fish, relatively high. An investigation of five kinds of sea-fishes--of mackerel, herring, cod, tunny, and plaice--that are most frequently put on the market showed that a permitted value up to 1 mg As per 1 kg of fish meat was found only in 24.0% of mackerel, 9.5% of herring,(More)
The processing of fish (mackerels) with the potential ability of producing histamine leads to the production of hygienically unsafe food. Elimination of histamine production in fish food in the process of the technological production procedure was studied. The stability of histamine in model systems and in mackerel muscle was studied as influenced by(More)
Applying the method of absorption atom spectrometry (AAS), the contamination of cervical mucus by chemical elements (Cd, Pb, Hg, Cr, Cu, Zn) was demonstrated in the oestrus period of cows in different ecological agricultural regions of the North Moravian region. The results of observation revealed only a statistically significant difference (P less than(More)
It was demonstrated that mother's blood and the blood of new-born calves were contaminated by toxic elements in exposed and non-exposed area. The average Cd and Zn levels differed at high statistical significance (P less than 0.01) in the mothers blood from non-exposed regions in comparison with the average Cd and Zn levels from exposed region. The average(More)