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COPI-coated vesicles mediate protein transport within the early secretory pathway. Their coat consists of ADP ribosylation factor (ARF1, a small guanosine nucleotide binding protein), and coatomer, a cytosolic complex composed of seven subunits, ato z-coat proteins (COPs). For coat formation that initiates budding of a vesicle, ARF1 is recruited to the(More)
The paper deals with the effect of the application of certain ions (Zn2+, B4O7 2- Mn2+, Cu2+, MoO4 2-,) on the development of the activity displayed by amylase, urease, and glutamate-oxalacetate (GOT) in hydroponically cultivated barley during the first seven days of ontogenesis. The enzymes were studied separately in the overground and root parts of the(More)
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