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BACKGROUND Anecdotal reports suggest the incidence of right-sided congestive heart failure (RHF) in feedlot cattle is increasing; however, the rate of occurrence and risk factors are largely unknown. OBJECTIVE The purposes of this study were to evaluate the risk of RHF over time and among feedlots, to characterize some of the risk factors for RHF, and to(More)
This study examined the utility of electromyography and near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) in assessing m. erector spinae activity during the Biering-Sorensen Back Muscle Endurance (BSME) test. Six men and four women (27.0 +/- 7.1 years of age) performed the BSME test (time = 131.5 +/- 43.5 s). EMG was used to quantify neuromuscular activity of the right and(More)
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