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In the present work, we present a system of hydrogel/micelle composite as dual-drug release vehicle. The hydrogel is prepared from poly(ethyleneglycol) PEG and poly(vinyl alcohol) PVA. Polymeric micelles are enjoying high resurgence of interest in biomedical field as promising candidates for the stabilization and delivery of water insoluble drugs. This(More)
An extended wear therapeutic contact lens (TCL) for the sustained delivery of timolol maleate (TML) was fabricated based on molecular imprinting technique. The designed TCL comprised of a TML imprinted copolymer of carboxymethyl chitosan-g-hydroxy ethyl methacrylate-g-polyacrylamide (CmCS-g-HEMA-g-pAAm) embedded onto a poly HEMA matrix (pHEMA). Successful(More)
A novel semi-interpenetrating polymer network (IPN) based on crosslinked carboxymethyl starch (CL-CMS) and montmorillonite (MMT) was prepared, where carboxymethylation occurs as a result of the reaction between native starch and monochloroacetic acid in isopropanol/water medium at 60°C. The carboxymethyl starch is further crosslinked and made into a(More)
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