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In the modern industrial environment there is increasing demand for automatic condition monitoring. With reliable condition monitoring, faults such as mechanical motor failures could be identified in their early stages and further damage to the system could be prevented. Successful monitoring is a complex and application-specific problem, but a generic tool(More)
A mobile game is a commercial product that is distributed to the customer using mobile operator's network. The game is an interactive product; many kinds of entertainment services are not covered by this report, such as joke or comics services or the popular ring tone and logo services. What distinguishes mobile games from other kinds of entertainment(More)
The line narrowing of excimer lasers is discussed. The theory for an optical two-effect intracavity line narrowing device, the multipass grating interferometer (MGI), is presented. An MGI contains a grating aligned in its second-order Littrow configuration and a mirror aligned parallel to the grating surface reflecting back the beam normal to the grating(More)
We obtain the correlation pattern between two amplitude-modulated input images of 36 and 280 random black and white pixels, using the standard degenerate four-wave-mixing geometry of 852-nm optical beams in a 1-mm-thick cesium-vapor cell. The total optical input power is 3.2 mW to obtain 0.4 nW of power in the correlation pattern. We verified that the(More)
We present a new phase-sweep method for characterizing laser-induced complex dielectric gratings. This characterization requires four parameters: the amplitudes and the spatial phases of both the refractive-index and the absorption components. We apply this phase-sweep method to study a complex polarizability grating in a nominally undoped cubic(More)
This paper introduces four case studies where simulation game was used to study and advance the development of new e-learning course modules. The paper describes how the simulation game method is used in developing recently emerged product/service development processes. In practice, the method is applied in developing the processes of building and offering(More)
The importance of the ingestion dose pathways in collective effective dose due to severe reactor accidents is evaluated by studying two different radioactive accidental releases. A short description of the ingestion dose pathway model is also given. Typically, exposure via contaminated food without countermeasures causes considerably more than half of the(More)
This paper presents a model for the estimation of radiation doses due to long-range transport of airborne radioactive material released into the atmosphere by a reactor accident. The paper includes examples of calculated doses in situations where the weather changes during the transport path. These examples show that changing dispersion conditions, such as(More)
We have developed a new method of determining in time both the real and the imaginary parts of third-order nonlinear-optical coefficients. In this method the phase-conjugated four-wave-mixing signal beam interferes with one of the transmitted pump beams. By comparing the interference pattern with that of a known reference, we are able to determine the real(More)