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This contribution presents a twoarm archimedean spiral antenna with a simple planar external feeding structure. Therefore this antenna can be integrated conformally into existing surfaces of vehicles, for example. The feeding structure shows an input impedance bandwidth of more than 10:1. Applications are in the area of broadband communications and(More)
The spiral antenna investigated in this contribution is a four-arm spiral antenna, that is fed with a coplanar transmission line. The frequency independent characteristics of the structure are maintained and the feeding structure itself, that does not need any kind of balun, is also frequency independent. The radiation pattern is not that of a conventional(More)
The role of the macrophage as accessory cell in the proliferative response of lymphocytes to phytohemagglutinin (PHA) was studied in two lines of mice genetically selected for high and low responsiveness to T mitogens. Adherent cell depletion of lymph node cells abrogated the low (Lo)/PHA response, but only partially inhibited the high (Hi)/PHA response.(More)
-We study the influence on the Ferrni surface topology of many-body corrections beyond LDA. A Renormalized Band method is used to calculate the quasiparticle band structures of both CeA13 and Ce3AI compounds. We discuss the conditions under which the LDA is expected to predict the correct Fermi surface. Band structure effects play an important role in(More)