J. Paradells

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Nowadays, several systems are available for outdoor localization, such as GPS, assisted GPS and other systems working on cellular networks. However, there is no proper location system for indoor scenarios. Research into designing location systems for 802.11 networks is being carried out, so locating mobile devices on global networks (GSM/cellular + GPS +(More)
The Pervasive Computing field is almost always addressed from application, middleware, sensing or Human Computer Interaction perspective. Thus, solutions are usually designed at application level or involve developing new hardware. Although current layered network architectures (mainly TCP/IP stack) have enabled internetworking of lots of different devices(More)
Real world MANET routing protocol implementations generally use layer three mechanisms for carrying out connectivity maintenance tasks. In many cases, such mechanisms are based on periodical transmission of Hello messages. When topology changes occur frequently, usage of higher Hello rates than default may lead to higher end-to-end connectivity and(More)
Smart cities are a hot topic nowadays for several reasons. For city managers and citizens a smart city is a concept that should allow providing better services and/or with more efficiency. For technicians a smart city represents one of the large-scale deployments of equipment for data capturing, storage and processing. For Internet researchers a smart city(More)
Today, the vast majority of personal communication devices, such as laptops and smartphones, and logically Wi-Fi Access Points (APs), feature IEEE 802.11 chipsets. In turn, Wake-up Radio (WuR) systems are used to reduce the significant energy waste that wireless devices cause during their idle communication mode. In this letter, we introduce a novel WuR(More)
In this paper a statistical model of the call holding time in Public Access Mobile Radio) PAMR systems is presented. For this purpose a scanning receiver has been used to monitor the call duration, and the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test has been applied to measure the goodness of fit of the candidate distributions. The exponential distribution often used to model(More)
Next generation cellular networks are based on packet switching and has QoS support based on architectures such as integrated services. To calculate the QoS parameters such as packet delay will be very important. In order reach to this goal, in this paper we propose a model for an integrated services wireless access router. Our model describes the user(More)
Nowadays, technologies involved in Web information distribution services are evolving to adapt themselves to new user requirements. Usually, these new technologies are used separately. This paper presents ELIN (Electronic Newspaper Initiative) project, an European Commission funded project, that tries to integrate the newest standards and technologies(More)
One of the fields in which companies are investing more money is security, either personal security to avoid industrial accidents or security against intrusions. There is also the huge effort that the scientific community is doing developing all required protocols and standards to make Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) extensive commercial. Moreover, one(More)
In this paper a procedure to approximately calculate the mean waiting time in the M/H2/s queue is presented. The approximation is heuristic although based in the intuitive symmetry between the deterministic and balanced hyperexponential-2 distributions. The three parameters which fully describe the H2 distribution are considered, so the approximation can(More)