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An old healing drug has been assessed and found to be of clinical value in stopping the inflammatory phase of hypertrophic scars and keloids. So far, this drug has no known side effects other than occasional mild gastric intolerance and allergic reaction. Our findings are well supported in the literature. The effect of the drug on other forms of connective(More)
Several trials have demonstrated that pre-operative irradiation for rectal cancer decreases significantly the incidence of pelvic recurrence. However, this method is far from being generally accepted. It is now possible to enhance the effectiveness of external beam irradiation and to use it to extend the field of sphincter-saving and conservative(More)
At the present time, there is no universally accepted surgical technique or prosthesis for augmenting breast volume. Each surgeon has to choose with regard to shape, consistency, and volume, according to his own conviction and respecting his patient's priorities. These priorities will vary with age, profession, sexual habits, and marital and social status.(More)
We reviewed the outcome of capsulotomies, both open and closed, in 134 patients with fibrous capsular contractures surrounding mammary implants. The rate of occurrence of fibrous capsules is given, along with other percentages for each type of augmentation. The study shows that the first attempt at a capsulotomy, either closed or open, gives a better result(More)
Following a case of pseudoaneurysm of the radial artery, curiously a rare pathological entity, the authors reviewed the literature, which consists of a maximum of 50 publicized cases. The arteriographic, plethysmographic and clinical studies as well as the anatomic and physiologic findings, all seem in favor of a treatment consisting of restoration of the(More)
This article suggests an alternative statistical model for studying the mortality of burned patients: discriminant analysis. This model was applied to our population of 532 patients among whom 71 died. It is not the first time that this model has been applied to assess burn mortality, although it is not frequently used for that application. We found four(More)