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RICHARD JOHNSON, JAMES PANKOW, DAVID BENDER, CURTIS PRICE, AND JOHN ZOGORSKI T he increasing frequency of detection of the widely used gasoline additive methyl tertbutyl ether (MTBE) in both groundand surface waters is receiving much attention from the media, environmental scientists, state environmental agencies, and federal agencies. At the national(More)
The recommendations and conclusions below are drawn from a CASE 1 /IME survey based on in-depth structured interviews with 11 companies (eight privatized by the Privatization Agency (PA), three-by the Ministry of Industry (MI); four management-employee buy-outs (MEBO), five bought by domestic investors, and two by foreign investors) One of the companies was(More)
The research is devoted to the general developmental direction of social transformations in Central and Eastern Europe – the “rationalisation” of transitional societies. If rationalisation is such an important stream of Western history it should also be an obvious and basic feature of East and Central European societal transformations. The question of(More)
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