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Starting from the simplest possible building blocks—a ket, a bra, a time-reversed ket, and a time-reversed bra— a diagrammatic formalism is developed for angular momentum coupling problems. The formalism comprises Clebsch–Gordan coefficients as well as 3j m-symbols. The idea of constructing invariants (internal lines) by contracting contragredient pairs of(More)
We present three Slater-type atomic orbital (STO) valence basis (VB) sets for the first and second row atoms, referred to as the VB1, VB2, and VB3 bases. The smallest VB1 basis has the following structure: [3, 1] for the H and He atoms, [5, 1] for Li and Be, and [5, 3, 1] for the B to Ne series. For the VB2 and VB3 bases, both the number of shells and the(More)
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