T. Ford1
D. A. Witting1
D. J. Pondella1
W. A. Larson1
1T. Ford
1D. A. Witting
1D. J. Pondella
1W. A. Larson
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Due to severe declines in abundance throughout southern California, the green abalone (Haliotis fulgens Philippi 1845) became protected under a state-sponsored fishery moratorium in 1997 and was declared a NOAA NMFS Species of Concern in 2004. Recently, H. fulgens was chosen for possible stock restoration via translocation of wild adults to depleted habitat(More)
The Shared Binary Decision Diagram (SBDD) with negative edge attributes can represent many functions in a compact form if a proper variable ordering is used. In this work we describe a technique for reordering the variables in an SBDD to reduce the size of the data structure. We use a heuristic to formulate a technique for the reordering problem based on(More)
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