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BACKGROUND Existing reports of utility values for metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) vary quite widely and are not all suitable for use in submissions in the UK. The aim of this study was to elicit UK societal based utility values for different stages of NSCLC and different grade III-IV toxicities commonly associated with chemotherapy treatments.(More)
A battery of tests of peripheral and central nervous system function was administered to 205 former workers of a large heavy industrial plant, 104 of whom were previously exposed to inorganic mercury. The mean age of those examined was 71 years. Exposed subjects had participated in a urine-mercury exposure monitoring program during the time of operation of(More)
PURPOSE Clinical practice with people with intellectual disability relies heavily upon caregiver report. Crucially, the carer's perspective may depend upon his or her relationship to the patient. We investigated similarities and differences within and between family and paid carers in their reports on the Glasgow Epilepsy Outcome Scale (GEOS), an instrument(More)
An analysis was conducted of 27,982 deaths among 106,020 persons employed at four Federal nuclear plants in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, between 1943 and 1985. The main objectives were to extend the evaluation of the health effects of employment in the nuclear industry in Oak Ridge to include most workers who were omitted from earlier studies, to compare the(More)
  • J Watkins
  • 1984
Step tests have been widely used to assess cardiorespiratory fitness. Work rate is determined by step height and step frequency, whereas the total amount of work done depends upon the number and duration of work periods. In all step tests which are suitable for mass testing, performance is based on heart rate during recovery. A review of the literature(More)
The background frequency of mutations in human tissues is an important issue in cancer susceptibility and genotoxic exposure determinations. Here we report the detection of rare mutant leukocytes containing oncogenic base substitutions of the Harvey-ras, N-ras, and p53 genes by the Needle-in-a-Haystack mutation assay with a sensitivity of one cell in a(More)
The degree of generality between the endurance characteristics of the one mile run and PWC170 tests was examined with a group of fifteen year old boys who performed both tests once a week for three weeks. A significant improvement in performance of both tests was found between trials 1 and 2, which was sustained between trials 2 and 3. These results suggest(More)
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