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Alcohol consumption is a primary or secondary factor in many work-related accidents, suicides, homicides, violent crimes, and motor vehicle accidents. The absentee rate in alcoholics is 3.8 to 8. 3 times greater than that for nonalcoholic workers. The purpose of this research was to evaluate the effectiveness of two interview questionnaires-the Brief(More)
A government agency and its contractors employing nearly 96,000 workers throughout the country was surveyed for documented incidents of violence in the workplace. Thirty-five occupational medicine and related professionals (36% of those surveyed) from 27 locations returned the questionnaire. Of the responders, 20 individuals reported 74 incidents of(More)
Quantitative easing represents a variation of trickle-down economics: the presumption is that asset purchases by The Federal Reserve (FED) benefit everyone. The policy involves increasing the prices of treasury bonds and mortgage backed assets to stimulate output and employment. Quantitative easing acts on balance sheets; it works through the price system(More)
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