J. P. Wacquant

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Diurnal variation in ion content of the solution bathing roots of two plants growing together in sand culture was analysed for three pairs of grass-legume species (Lolium multiflorum andTrifolium pratense; Zea mays andGlycine hispida; Avena sativa andVicia sativa) and their monospecific controls. Biomass and nitrogen content of plants were determined. Ion(More)
Difficulties were encountered for in-vivo propagation of plants used for screening populations during evolutionary studies of Dittrichia viscosa W. Greuter, an invading ruderal species of the Asteraceae. Conditions suitable for in-vitro propagation of D. viscosa were first investigated. Plants were in-vitro cloned from nodal segments, and the best medium(More)
Dittrichia (ex Inula) viscosa is a ruderal species that has recently become an invading plant in the northwest Mediterranean basin. A previous study failed to demonstrate the occurrence of morphologically differentiated ecotypes among populations of the species but suggested the existence of nutritional ecotypes. This latter possibility is examined here by(More)
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