J P Vilas Boas

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The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between the hip point and the centre of mass for kinematical parameters (displacement, velocity and acceleration) in the three axes of motion. One complete stroke cycle was analyzed in eight swimmers performing a 25 m front crawl swim test at high intensity. Within-subject correlation coefficients(More)
This study analysed motor control during front crawl swimming starts by elite and trained swimmers, based on comparisons of: 1) kinematic and kinetic parameters of the start and 2) variability of these parameters across 3 trials per swimmer. Given that the start time to the 15-m mark is greatly influenced by the swimming phase, the study also compared the(More)
This study analysed the start phases of 15 elite front crawl swimmers, all specialists of sprint events. The first aim was to determine which phases were correlated with the 15-m start time. The features common to the sample of swimmers were then established and individual profiles were clustered. The subjects performed two 25-m trials at the 50-m race-pace(More)
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