J P Vandamme

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Academic failure among first-year university students has long fuelled a large number of debates. Many educational psychologists have tried to understand and then explain it. Many statisticians have tried to foresee it. Our research aims to classify, as early in the academic year as possible, students into three groups: the 'low-risk' students, who have a(More)
Primary idiosyncrasia against dextran does really exist and is to be taken into account. It may even be more frequent than is usually accepted because in many cases an other cause than the infusion may be obvious. The shock develops at the first milliliters of the infusion. When dextran is to be administered for the first time, a doctor is to be present and(More)
One hundred consecutive elective resections with hand suture of the left colon and rectum without a protective colostomy are reported. The absence of clinical fistulas, wound infections and abcesses indicates the safety and the feasability of this approach. There was a two per cent mortality rate. The article stresses the importance of a good suturing(More)
In eighteen patients modified radical mastectomy for invasive carcinoma was immediately followed by breast reconstruction. The prosthesis was placed subcutaneously. There were no infections and no definitively lost prostheses. One prosthesis had to be replaced subpectorally after 55 days due to a small skin necrosis occurring after radiotherapy. One(More)