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This paper proposes a systematic approach to evaluate algorithms for extracting road marking features from images. This specific topic is seldom addressed in the literature while many road marking detection algorithms have been proposed. Most of them can be decomposed into three steps: extracting road marking features, estimating a geometrical marking(More)
Reliable obstacles detection under adverse weather conditions, especially foggy conditions, is a challenging task because the contrast is drastically reduced. Consequently, the classical approaches relying on pattern recognition techniques or points of interest matching are not so efficient anymore. In this paper, a novel approach is proposed which is able(More)
To develop driving assistance systems which alert the driver in case of inadequate speed according to the visibility conditions, it is necessary to have descriptors of the driver visibility and in particular to detect the visible features in the image grabbed by the camera. In this aim, a hysteresis filter is proposed, which is based on the visibility level(More)
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