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BACKGROUND Amino acid (AA) levels in stratum corneum (SC) are potential biomarkers of skin health while their systemic levels may be used to diagnose inherited metabolic diseases. OBJECTIVES To examine reverse iontophoresis, in human volunteers, as a minimally invasive tool to analyse AAs within the skin and subdermally. METHODS In four volunteers, the(More)
The objective was to study the competition of chloride released from a Ag/AgCl cathode on the iontophoretic delivery of dexamethasone phosphate (Dex-Phos). Iontophoresis of Dex-Phos was performed in side-by-side diffusion cells (0.78 cm(2)) using pig skin. A 0.3 mA constant current was applied via Ag/AgCl electrodes. The amounts of Dex-Phos and(More)
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