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To evaluate the adequacy of simple calcium restriction for patients with idiopathic calcium stones the effect of 5 days of calcium restriction without oxalate restriction on renal excretion of calcium and oxalate, and the corresponding probability of stones were assessed in 50 controls and 48 patients. Renal excretion of calcium decreased and that of(More)
The age and the origin of Chlamydia pneumoniae primary infection in Sahelian areas are unknown. To evaluate the prevalence of C. pneumoniae antibodies, the authors studied the serological status of C. pneumoniae-, C. psittaci- and C. trachomatis-specific antibodies of 50 mother-child couples using the microimmunofluorescence technique. Children were 10 to(More)
A case of solitary brain metastasis from a transitional carcinoma of the bladder occurring 20 months after resection is presented. The patient underwent gross total removal followed by external irradiation and intravenous chemotherapy. The tumor in this quite unusual occurrence had a very characteristic aspect, both operatively and at pathologic(More)
The authors undertake a complete review of the various techniques used for the surgical treatment of urinary incontinence in the male. Urethral repair (Young operation) has been abandoned. Creation of a smooth muscle sphincter in bladder gives approximately 32% continence. Use of the anal sphincter to ensure continence of the urethra gives approximately 60%(More)
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