J. P. Sozanski

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BACKGROUND A major unanswered question in the evolution of Homo sapiens is when anatomically modern human populations began to expand: was demographic growth associated with the invention of particular technologies or behavioral innovations by hunter-gatherers in the Late Pleistocene, or with the acquisition of farming in the Neolithic? (More)
Reinfusion is a medical process which collects digestive flow from a proximal stoma to a distal one, in patient who had a post-operative double enteral stoma. This process avoids the risk of under nutrition and frees the patient from a Total Parenteral Nutrition to offset the digestive loss. Most of the previous ways of reinfusion first collect the(More)
Intestinal stoma constitutes a symptomatic treatment in a wide range of digestive diseases, such as rectal cancer, digestive traumatic perforation and inflammatory intestinal diseases. It affects a patient's life causing physiologic and social constraints. The stoma can lead to involution of the downstream digestive tissue, impairing his function in case of(More)
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