J. P. Sozanski

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OBJECTIVES Preliminary clinical studies of the combination of hyperthermia and intravesical chemotherapy indicated very encouraging results in favour of multidisciplinary treatment of recurrent superficial bladder tumours. The authors studied the in vitro and early in vivo effects of this treatment. MATERIAL AND METHODS An intravesical catheter equipped(More)
UNLABELLED Prostatic transurethral thermotherapy was evaluated clinically using the Prostcare microwave system of the Bruker Company, which uses a microwave radiometer to measure and control intraprostatic temperature. OBJECTIVES The aim of our study was to evaluate the immediate histological lesions induced in the prostatic tissue depending on the(More)
BACKGROUND A major unanswered question in the evolution of Homo sapiens is when anatomically modern human populations began to expand: was demographic growth associated with the invention of particular technologies or behavioral innovations by hunter-gatherers in the Late Pleistocene, or with the acquisition of farming in the Neolithic? (More)
Port wine stains are currently treated by the argon laser with the "point-by-point" technique, or the "painting technique." In both cases, the quality of the results depends greatly on the dermatologist's experience. Furthermore, the first technique is slow, and the second is painful and requires anesthesia. Therefore, we have decided to design a robotized(More)
BACKGROUND In response to declining instruction in technical skills, the authors instituted a novel method to teach basic procedural skills to medical students beginning the surgery clerkship. METHODS Sixty-three medical students participated in a skills training laboratory. The first part of the laboratory taught basic suturing skills, and the second(More)
A new complete microwave interstitial hyperthermia system monitored automatically by microwave radiometry and working at 434 MHz is described in this paper. This system, which includes a new radiometer with two internal temperature references, is detailed. All its characteristics for microwave heating and radiometry are presented. The new possibilities are(More)
Several medical fields are concerned with applications of thermal lasers such as neodymium-doped, yttrium aluminum garnet (Nd:YAG), argon, and CO2. However, quantification of the necrotic volume of Nd:YAG laser-induced damage is not possible at the time of treatment. Mathematic models and feedback control can help to optimize Nd:YAG laser treatments. We(More)
From October 1989 to October 1991, 16 patients (17 tumours) with locally advanced carcinomas of the oral tongue and eight patients with second carcinomas of the base of tongue in previously irradiated areas, have been treated by means of an interstitial hyperthermia-brachytherapy combination in a phase II clinical trial. Each miniature microwave antenna of(More)
BACKGROUND Guided case-based instruction is an effective and efficient means of learning for third year medical students on the surgery clerkship. Compared with an unguided format for teaching biliary disease, we observed greater student satisfaction as well as a more efficient utilization of student as well as faculty time with the guided instruction. (More)