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a failed link (case1), or a new link added between two ports for network growth (case2). In case 1, PBS finds the VPIs, , that were inacti-vated by the selective freeze procedure when the link failure occurred. For each VPI in the set PBS performs a selective-unfreeze to the nodes downstream from itself in order to restore these VPIs back to their active(More)
Abstmct-Rednet provides portable computers with an incxpensivc wireless network connection. It is designed to support seamless end-to-end communication using the Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM). Rednet uses a Iow-power infrared transceiver operating at 2-5 Mbps over a distance of 4 meters. The link layer protocol supports link sharing and transport of ATM(More)
A dielectric hemisphere of refractive index N can act as an N(2) concentrator of isotropic diffuse radiation under appropriate conditions. We give an analytic expression for the gain of a concentrator of arbitrary radius, neglecting surface reflections, and numerical methods for calculating the gain when the surface transmissivity is an arbitrary function(More)
The room temperature magnetic susceptibilities of human and carp oxy- and carbonmonoxyhemoglobin solutions were measured in a 30-gauss (1 G = 10(-4) T) field with a superconducting magnetometer. To within experimental uncertainty, the susceptibility was the same for both the oxy and carbonmonoxy forms, and salt concentration did not effect it. A variety of(More)
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