J. P. Sénateur

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2014 Ternary hydrides of superconducting cubic Laves-phases CeRu2 and LaRu2 have been prepared. The cubic structure is preserved and a considerable lattice expansion is observed. Magnetic susceptibility measurements show the disappearance of the superconducting transition for both hydrides, and in the case of CeRu2, the appearance of a susceptibility peak(More)
HfO2 films were deposited at low temperature ( 400 C) by UV assisted injection metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (UVI-MOCVD). A three-step process was used for this study, consisting of (A) Pre-deposition anneal for nitridation; (B) Deposition step; (C) Post-deposition annealing in oxygen. Special attention was paid to the effect of UV exposure during(More)
YBCO thin films have been grown by Metal Organic Chemical Vapour Deposition in ;I cold wall type reactor. The 0-diketonates of yttrium, barium and copper are used as precursors. Filrna have bcen deposited on (001 I MgO and (012) LaA103 single crystalline substrates. The morphology is very dependant on thc gas p h a x composition. Different oxygen partial(More)
2014 High-Tc A-15 Nb3Ge superconductors have been prepared by chemical vapour deposition. Superconducting transition temperatures, crystal structures, and growth morphology for different samples are reported here. From the analytical results we hypothesize that stoichiometric high-Tc Nb3Ge can be formed through a heteroepitaxial process between the A-15 and(More)
We have exanlined the properties of thin epitaxial C e Q films prepared by aerosol MOCVD. The films were deposited on (li02) sapphire at deposition temperatures between 500 "C and 900 "C. The best properties were observed for the film grown at high deposition temperatures. The films have thickness 0.2 pm and the full width at half maximum of the rocking(More)
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