J P Redfield

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We used the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) to study a sample of patients with affective disorder (N = 52), schizophrenia (N = 17) and organic brain disease (N = 8). Schizophrenic patients had lower verbal, performance and full-scale IQs than patients with affective disorder, but were no different from those with organic brain disease. An(More)
We used Smith's neuropsychological test battery to study the cortical functioning of 52 patients with affective disorders, 17 schizophrenics, and 8 patients with coarse brain disease (CBD), all diagnosed according to research criteria. Testing and diagnoses were made independently and blindly. After accounting for the variance due to age, sex, handedness,(More)
Estimation of premorbid or expected IQ in children from IQs of family members was evaluated for precision, sensitivity, and diagnostic efficiency. Prediction of a child's IQ from familial ability has limited precision, and the sizable discrepancies from familial IQ estimates required for statistical significance reduce their sensitivity. In a Monte Carlo(More)
We evaluated 70 patients for male sexual dysfunction in our center during its first 6 months of operation. The results of the analysis demonstrated that 55 per cent had organic impairment. Several important findings should be emphasized. There was mild elevation of serum prolactin in 6 cases, none of which was the direct cause of the impotence. A total of(More)
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