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This paper is based on classifications of the features of a face detected using Gabor filter feature extraction techniques in image processing. The feature vector based on Gabor filters used as the input of the classifier, which is a Feed Forward Neural Network (FFNN) on a reduced feature subspace learned by an approach simpler than Principal Component(More)
Single walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) and bundled CNTs have emerged as promising candidates for future VLSI interconnects material due to their excellent inherent electrical and thermal properties. The work in this paper attempts to statistically analyse the effect of process variation in contact resistance on the interconnect delay by using Monte-Carlo(More)
Energy efficiency is the most required quality in a sensor network where each node consumes some energy with each transmission over the network. Energy efficiency is required to improve the network life. In this work we will move in the direction to improve the network life. The presented work is about to perform the energy effective routing so that the(More)