J. P. P. Oliveira

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In the present study, 809 uterine flushes and 454 embryo transfers performed in mares over a 4-yr interval were examined to evaluate the effects of: (1) the day of embryo collection on recovery rates; (2) the degree of synchrony between donor and recipient mares on pregnancy rates; (3) the recipient day post ovulation on pregnancy rates; and (4) the age of(More)
Patients suffering from hypoventilation and pulmonary expansion deficit are at increased risk of developing pulmonary complications such as atelectasis, pneumonia or pleural effusion. These complications can increase the length of stay and spending on health, and generate long-term functional impairment. This study aims to produce a therapeutic alternative(More)
PURPOSE To assess pain in the immediate postoperative period in cats submitted into two different celiotomy techniques for ovariohysterectomy. METHODS Fourteen healthy female cats up to three years old with a mean weight 2.75 kg, without breed specification, were used in this double blind experiment. The animals were randomly assigned to two treatments:(More)
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