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Bone mineralization is impaired in alcoholic non cirrhotics admitted to hospital for withdrawal. The defect is more marked in women than in men. Low 25-OH vitamin D plasma values may be observed in these patients and seem to be related to malnutrition. The degree of bone demineralization is not statistically correlated to 25-OH vitamin D plasma level.
In a case of osteogenesis imperfecta with multiple fractures already from childhood, myelomatosis was diagnosed at the age of 52 years because of a serum M-component (IgG, lambda), Bence Jones proteinuria, myeloma cells in the bone marrow, and osteolytic skeletal lesions. She died 10 months later. A partial postmortem examination of a larger bone lesion(More)
A case of diffuse polioencephalitis associated with non-differentiated bronchial carcinoma is reported. Clinically the patient presented mental distrubance and an extra-pyramidal syndrome. Anatomopathological investigation revealed inflammation of the cerebral hemispheres and the brain stem. Similar involvement of others regions of the central nervous(More)