J. P. Mullier

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Bone mineralization is impaired in alcoholic non cirrhotics admitted to hospital for withdrawal. The defect is more marked in women than in men. Low 25-OH vitamin D plasma values may be observed in these patients and seem to be related to malnutrition. The degree of bone demineralization is not statistically correlated to 25-OH vitamin D plasma level.
In a case of osteogenesis imperfecta with multiple fractures already from childhood, myelomatosis was diagnosed at the age of 52 years because of a serum M-component (IgG, lambda), Bence Jones proteinuria, myeloma cells in the bone marrow, and osteolytic skeletal lesions. She died 10 months later. A partial postmortem examination of a larger bone lesion(More)
After two case reports of Ludwig's angina, the pathogenesis, the bacteriology and the treatment of this syndrome is reviewed. The initial antimicrobial therapy should be broad enough to inhibit the gram-negative and anaerobic organisms. The antibiotherapy should be completed by the incision and the drainage of the submandibular region. The sudden airway(More)
A case of diffuse polioencephalitis associated with non-differentiated bronchial carcinoma is reported. Clinically the patient presented mental distrubance and an extra-pyramidal syndrome. Anatomopathological investigation revealed inflammation of the cerebral hemispheres and the brain stem. Similar involvement of others regions of the central nervous(More)