J P Morrison

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We consider the composite of several conventional Leaky Bucket traffic regulators, one for each time scale. Over longer time scales the enforcement of traffic to the mean is less stringent, in so far as the bucket is larger, while the mean rate is smaller. The regulated process is required to be compliant with all the Leaky Bucket regulators in the(More)
N-Butylbenzenesulfonamide (NBBS) is widely used as a plasticizer in polyacetals, polyamides, and polycarbonates and has been found in ground water and effluent from wastewater treatment sites. The compound is lipophilic and distributes rapidly to the brain but also clears rapidly and shows little evidence of accumulation. Limited studies in the literature(More)
BACKGROUND Endoscopy is performed for direct inspection of the mucosa and acquisition of biopsies in dogs with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). AIM To evaluate the interobserver agreement in the endoscopic assessment of duodenal mucosa in dogs with IBD. METHODS Thirty-five archived endoscopic images of grossly normal (n = 6) and inflamed (n = 29)(More)
Modifications to the VAX-FASTBUS image data acquisition hardware which have become operational since the 1983 NSS will be described. These include modification of the backplane interconnections to support stable operation at 160 megabytes/second, commissioning of the entire 64 megabyte bulk memory system, and the design of a second high speed FASTBUS master(More)
Leukodystrophies are inherited neurological disorders involving central nervous system white matter. They are uncommon in animals but a few, breed-specific entities have been described. In 2002, two young-adult, purebred Bullmastiff dogs from central New York State presented to their referring veterinarians displaying moderate to severe ataxia of all limbs,(More)
A high bandwidth FASTBUS data acquisition system is under construction at North Shore University Hospital-Cornell University Medical College to support a minimally invasive replacement for coronary catheterization, generating digitized images of blood flow in the coronary arteries with the aid of a venous injection of x-ray contrast medium. Images generated(More)
Summary form only given. A synchrotron-based medical imaging facility has been built at the National Synchrotron Light Source. It will allow imaging of the coronary arteries using a venous instead of an arterial injection of contrast agent. Two monochromatic fan X-ray beams (at energies around the iodine K edge) are used to take sets of images. The system(More)
The design specifications, hardware features, performance, and development costs of a FASTBUS based data acquisition system for transporting image data under the control of a VAX-11/780 computing system are described. The system currently transports digitized images from a television camera running at up to 16 bits per pixel, 512 pixels per scan line, 512(More)
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