J. P. Monnet

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Langerhans cells (LCs) are dendritic cells (DCs) that are present in the epidermis, bronchi, and mucosae. Although LCs originate in bone marrow, little is known about their lineage of origin. In this study, we demonstrate that in vitro LCs may originate from monocytes. Adult peripheral blood CD14+ monocytes differentiate into LCs (CD1a+, E-cadherin+,(More)
The intestinal stage of listeriosis was studied in a rat ligated ileal loop system. Listeria monocytogenes translocated to deep organs with similar efficiencies after inoculation of loops with or without Peyer's patches. Bacterial seeding of deep organs was demonstrated as early as 15 min after inoculation. It was dose dependent and nonspecific, as the(More)
A fatal untreated case of fulminant meningococcemia was examined to investigate the crossing of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) by Neisseria meningitidis. Microscopic examination showed bacteria in vivo adhering to the endothelium of both the choroid plexus and the meninges. Comparison of the isolates cultivated from the blood and the cerebrospinal fluid(More)
We construct a method which makes it possible to apply the idea of iterated defect correction to finite element methods. The construction is motivated heuristically. We believe that the significance of our method lies in the possibility to write “metaalgorithms” for existing finite element program packages which entail a substantial improvement of the(More)
Comparative study of static curves of the thoracic and lumbar spine in men and women has been realized under constraints of compression by weightlifting and elongation by exercise to parallel bars. In two athletic practices, curves decrease their arrow, ending to a straighter and more rigid column. This behavior expresses muscular actions. The greatest(More)
On the basis of anatomical dissections, the authors offer a description of the perineal thickness (centred on the study of its aponeuroses) which corresponds better with medical imaging (ultrasonography, MRI) findings. Situated between the pelvic floor (deep layer of the deep perineal aponeurosis) and the perineal skin (covering the superficial layer of the(More)
The analysis of the displacement of the pelvic girdle, during movements of the trunk in the anatomical orthogonal plans, was carried out by the technique of the cutaneous markers on two series of 7 male subjects and 7 female. The photographs made it possible to objectify angular displacements of reliable singular points and to observe that the abduction of(More)
Expression of HLADR, I, i blood group antigen and T6 antigen were studied in Histiocytosis X cells and pulmonary alveolar macrophages using double labelling immunofluorescence technique or immuno-peroxidase procedure. Alveolar macrophages express simultaneously HLADR and i blood group antigen. Histiocytosis X cells, characterized by HLADR and T6 antigens,(More)
Ce travail global a permis d'observer des éléments qui doivent être analysés plus précisément par des investigations complémentaires : - influence d'autres positions des art. coxo-fémorales (adduction, rotations médiale ou latérale, flexion), ou des genoux (flexion), sur la cinématique de la colonne lombaire et thoracique ; - analyse opto-électronique des(More)
Opto-electronic systems utilising measurement of displacement of skin markers allows study of movement in the living subject. The authors have used this method in a kinematic study of the thoracic and lumbar spine measuring the displacement of skin markers placed over the spinous processes. It was possible to approach the physiological state of these(More)