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BACKGROUND MRSA is a major economic and health issue internationally and as such is of particular importance in the appropriate management of orthopaedic patients. Bone, joint and implant infection can lead to unfavourable outcomes with a long protracted in hospital stay inevitable. The cost for the patient, the hospital and society are substantial. (More)
BACKGROUND Upper limb second to fourth digit ratio (2D:4D) has been shown to be dependent on prenatal androgen exposure. A longer relative fourth digit to second digit is indicative of increased intrauterine testosterone exposure prenatally and the converse is also true for oestrogen exposure. The 2D:4D ratio has implications in the sporting, academic,(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The provision of appropriate spinal imaging in cases of acute injury as a consequence of trauma or tumour is becoming ever more challenging. This study assessed the use of multimodal radiological investigations in the management of spinal cord compression as a result of trauma and metastatic cancer in all major Irish hospitals. (More)
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