J. P. Laval

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Numerical simulations are made for forced turbulence at a sequence of increasing values of Reynolds number Re keeping fixed a strongly stable, volume-mean density stratification. At smaller values of Re, the turbulent velocity is mainly horizontal, and the momentum balance is approximately cyclostrophic and hydrostatic. This is a regime dominated by(More)
After isolation of the hamster small intestine, the effects of a continuous infusion of cholecystokinin-pancreozymin (CCK-PZ) are studied. Several enzymic activities are measured in the intestinal lumen and compared with the level found in the intestinal homogenate. During CCK-PZ infusion we observed a direct stimulation of Paneth cells associated with an(More)
The distribution of lysozyme, alkaline phosphatase, aminopeptidase, maltase and amylase was studied throughout the small intestine of the adult rat. Lysozyme activity increases along the length of the small intestine and the behaviour of this enzyme slightly differs from the mucosal enzymes reported in this investigation. A positive correlation is found(More)
Mice were injected 3 times a day for 12 days with 8 micrograms/kg of somatostatin 14 which caused a hypoplasia of parietal and goblet cells, a hypotrophy and hypofunctionality of pancreatic acinar cells with a decrease in lipase and chymotrypsin activities, a decrease in the secretory fuction of the Brunner gland and in the number of dark granules of G(More)
We use direct and stochastic numerical simulations of the magnetohydrodynamic equations to explore the influence of turbulence on the dynamo threshold. In the spirit of the Kraichnan-Kazantsev model, we model the turbulence by a noise, with given amplitude, injection scale, and correlation time. The addition of a stochastic noise to the mean velocity(More)
We report direct numerical simulations of dynamo generation for flow generated using a Taylor-Green forcing. We find that the bifurcation is subcritical and show its bifurcation diagram. We connect the associated hysteretic behavior with hydrodynamics changes induced by the action of the Lorentz force. We show the geometry of the dynamo magnetic field and(More)
We use high resolution numerical simulations over several hundred of turnover times to study the influence of small scale dissipation onto vortex statistics in 2D decaying turbulence. A scaling regime is detected when the scaling laws are expressed in units of mean vorticity and integral scale, like predicted in Carnevale et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 66, 2735(More)