J. -P. L. Dujardin

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OBJECTIVE Prior studies of quality of life among cardiac patients have examined mostly men. This study evaluated gender differences in quality of life and examined the degree to which social support was associated with quality of life. METHODS A sample of 536 patients (35% women) was recruited during a 14-month period from the inpatient cardiology service(More)
Pressure and flow were measured in the ascending aorta of eight anaesthetised dogs under control conditions, after volume expansion and after haemorrhage. For each case the characteristic impedance of the proximal aorta Zc was determined by means of two different methods. Zc was calculated in the time domain as the slope of the pressure-flow relationship in(More)
Recent techniques of geometric morphometrics were applied to the study of four Thailand laboratory lines of the dengue vector Aedes aegypti. These lines differed by their geographic origin and the number of generations spent in the laboratory. Using a phase contrast microscope, a set of sixteen landmarks of the wings could be identified. A subsequent(More)
The normalized diameter (D/D13.3 where D13.3 equals D at 13.3 kPa under control conditions) was measured at selected pressure levels under different hemodynamic conditions. Hemorrhage caused the normalized diameter to decrease (−3.3%) when compared to control values at a given pressure. Volume expansion anda-blockade with phenoxybenzamine caused D/D13.3 to(More)
friiher erkannt, wenn immer an die Erkrankung gedacht wiirde. Nach dem Hauptvortrag und den anderen Vor~r~gen hat sieh als besonders wichtig fiir die Friihdiagnose herausgestellt: das RSntgenbfld, die Eiwei$bestimmung im Liquor und die Untersuchung auf~Lagenystagmus. In der Diskussion wurde die Frage der Abgrenzung bei der operativen Behandlung(More)
Experiments were performed on anaesthetised dogs to separate the effects of changes in aortic smooth muscle activity on the characteristic impedance Zc from its passive pressure dependence. Zc was measured from the ascending aortic pressure/flow relationship in a wide pressure range caused by forced slow oscillations in pressure induced with an external(More)
Egg morphometrics in the Triatominae has proved to be informative for distinguishing tribes or genera, and has been based generally on traditional morphometrics. However, more resolution is required, allowing species or even population recognition, because the presence of eggs in the domicile could be related to the species ability to colonize human(More)
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