J P Hervé de Sigalony

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Two years before the appearance of distal peripheral manifestations of thromboangiitis obliterans (Buerger's disease), a young man had acute peritonitis attributable to an ischemic perforation of the sigmoid colon. Only the histological examination of excised tissue was able to differentially diagnose this entity unambiguously.
The authors, in this article, have reviewed the different proofs that confirm that Halban's fascia does exist. The authors have been able to find, separate out and use Halban's fascia in a series of 263 vaginal operations for genital prolapse taking the anatomo-surgical approach. From the histological approach, they have shown that Halban's fascia is(More)
On the basis of their results of studies of human embryos and foetuses, the authors believe that the myometrium is derived from the primitive mesenchyme, while the endometrium is derived from the coelomic mesothelium. The myometrium is the site of non-specific tumours common to all soft tissues (of other organs): leiomyoma, lipoleiomyoma, leiomyoblastoma,(More)
A new case of benign lymphoid polyposis of the colon in an adult is presented. Relatively frequent in childhood, this disease remains exceptional in adults. The main concern is differentiation from adenomatous polyposis; the differential diagnosis can be particularly difficult for complex forms of polyposis with coexistent adenomatous and lymphoid polyps.(More)
Four cases of cysts or tumours developing from embryological remnants in the peri-ano-rectal space are reported. The authors propose for these rare lesions a coherent and simplified classification in two main groups: teratomas on the one hand, developmental cysts on the other hand. The various methods of diagnosis are studied. The precise diagnosis of a(More)
On the basis of the findings of their investigation of the embryogenesis of the female genital tract, the authors advance a hypothesis concerning the origin of ambiguities between the genetic sex and the gonophoric sex which determine primary sexual characteristics observed in Morris' syndrome and in gonadoblastoma. According to the authors, in(More)
We report the results of a histologic study of the differentiating ovary carried out in human embryos and fetuses. Up to the sixth week, the anlage of the gonad is formed by the proliferation of cells originating from the coelomic mesothelium; this proliferation starts with the migration of the primordial germ cells. Between the sixth and the tenth weeks,(More)