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Eupelmus vuilleti (Crawford) is an ectoparasitoid of the seed-eating beetle Bruchidius atrolineatus (Pic), which is an important pest of stored cowpea, Vigna unguiculata Walp, seeds in West Africa. Herein, we investigated the dispersal abilities of females within columns of seeds to assess the potential of E. vuilleti as a biological control agent of(More)
Callosobruchus maculatus (F.) (Coleoptera : Bruchidae) is a tropical beetle that develops in the seeds of Vigna unguiculata. C. maculatus adults show an imaginal polymorphism with differences in morphological, behavioral and reproductive characteristics. Adults of the flight morph that emerge in cowpea storage systems were studied under natural climatic(More)
Self-adaptive interferometry allows the measurement of very small optical phase modulations even in noisy environments and with strongly distorted optical wavefronts. We review two techniques of self-adaptive interferometers based on liquid crystals spatial light modulators, one obtained by using an optically addressed light valve, the second one realized(More)
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