J P Gilmore

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The effects of increases in serum osmolality on renal function and plasma levels of radioimmunoassayable prolactin (PRL) and luteinizing hormone (LH) were examined during intracarotid (IC) infusions of hypertonic NaCl in conscious dogs with a sustained water diuresis (SWD). A 10 minute bilateral IC infusion of 45 mumole/kg X min X artery of NaCl during SWD(More)
We transplanted neonatal hamster renal tissue into a hamster check pouch chamber and subjected the renal tissue to increases and decreases in extravascular pressure. A decrease in extra-vascular pressure decreased, and an increase in extravascular pressure increased, the diameter of preglomerular arterioles. Thus, the change in preglomerular arteriolar(More)
We determined the contribution of the dorsal roots, vagi, and sino-aortic nerves to the renal responses to acute isotonic, isooncotic intravascular volume expansion in the nonhuman primate, Macaca fascicularis. Expansion of the estimated blood volume by 15% produced a significant natriuresis and diuresis. There was no significant difference between the time(More)
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